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If you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it and we will refund your money.

If you are not satisfied with the product, simply return it and we will refund your money.

Nature's First Superfood

Bovine Colostrum

Mother's first milk
Rich in IgG for GI tract support and overall health
Natural source of essential proteins, vitamins & minerals


Rich in Immunoglobulins


Free from Additives

Unflavored Taste

Immune Support

Muscle Repair and Growth

Gut Health Support

Unmatched health benefits in every scoop

Our experts have carefully selected premium colostrum with high IgG levels to ensure comprehensive support for your immune system, gut health, muscle recovery, and energy levels.

Cognitive Boost
Colostrum's natural growth factors and immunoglobulins enhance brain function, improving focus and clarity.

Sustained Vitality
Colostrum's growth factors and nutrients help boost metabolism and energy levels, providingthe stamina you need for the day.

Happy Gut
Colostrum strengthens the gut lining and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, promoting a balanced and healthy digestive system.

Muscle Recovery
Rich in proteins and growth factors, colostrum aids in muscle repair and regeneration, speeding up recovery after workouts.

NeuroBlend Mushroom Complex

The Essence of Nature in Every Capsule

Discover the essence of nature's most powerful mushrooms with our NeuroBlend Complex. This premium supplement is expertly crafted from 100% fruiting bodies of eight extraordinary NeuroBlend: Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, Chaga, Turkey Tail, Maitake, and Shiitake.


Cognitive, Immune, &
Gut Health Support

If You Haven't Tried NeuroBlend mushroom Complex, You're Missing Out!

Whether you're looking to boost your cognitive function, enhance your immune response, or simply support overall wellness, our NeuroBlend Complex capsules are your perfect ally.

  • Enhance Cognitive Function with brain-boosting nutrients from Lion's Mane
  • Get essential nutrients and antioxidants your body needs from a potent mushroom blend
  • All Natural ingredients with ZERO synthetic additives, extracted from 100% fruiting bodies
  • Strengthen your immune system's defense against environmental stressors with Reishi and Turkey Tail
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Better Alternative Than Coffee

The Magic of NeuroBlend Mushrooms

Cognitive Boost
Immune Defense
Energize Naturally
Antioxidant Rich
Gut Health Guardian
Extracted from 100% Fruiting Bodies

Proprietary Blend of Seven Organic Mushrooms

Expect consistent performance and enhanced cognitive function from our NeuroBlend Mushroom Complex, your daily source of mental clarity and immune support.

Lion’s Mane
Boosts brain health + improves focus


Supports immune function + reduces stress

Turkey Tail

Enhances immunity + gut health


Increases energy + supports athletic performance

Rich in antioxidantsfor cellular health


Aids in blood sugar regulation and supports immunity


Promotes heart health + boosts immunity

You risk nothing with our 30-day money-back guarantee.if you still change your mind about our products. Simply return it within 30 dayswith the packaging and contents, and we’ll refund your moneyno questions asked!


How does Vitalwise subscription work?

For the best results, supplements are most effective when taken consistently on a daily basis. Our 30-day subscription enables you to establish a routine, ensuring you never miss a day. You have the flexibility to pause, delay, or cancel your subscription at any time via your account portal.

Can I pause or cancel my Vitalwise subscription?

Feel free to pause, delay, or cancel your subscription whenever you need to by using your account portal.

How often should I take VitalWise capsules?

We recommend taking two VitalWise capsules twice daily with meals.

How does Vitalwise's Fresh Lungs promote and maintain lung and respiratory well-being?

Vitalwise Fresh Lungs addresses respiratory symptoms and their underlying causes through a comprehensive 4-step lung care mechanism: cleansing, restoring, strengthening, and protecting.

This specialized supplement is designed to combat the effects of urban pollutants on lung health. It helps by reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system, promoting the removal of pollutants from the airways, and ultimately restoring and strengthening respiratory health.

Is there an optimal time to take the Fresh Lungs supplement?

We recommend taking one capsule of Vitalwise Fresh Lungs daily, preferably after breakfast.

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