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Treat your body to the all-natural original superfood, packed with healthy vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients

  • Improved gut health
  • Gives you clearer skin
  • Boosts your immune system

Felicia M.

“All of your guys' products work so well. such a game changer for me. They do exactly as promised.”

Felicia M.

“All of your guys' products work so well. such a game changer for me. They do exactly as promised.”

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Rated 5.0 Based on 1k+ reviews

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Rated 5.0 Based on 1k+ reviews

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Enjoy the benefits of grass-fed Colostrum, made from first-milking cows. Get comprehensive support for your gut health and immune system, boosting muscle recovery and energy levels.

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Rated 5.0 Based on 1k+ reviews

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Our all-natural formula is high in igG which plays a crucial role in boosting your immune system, while providing huge benefits to your gut health and helping your body to absorb nutrients.

Happy, Healthy Gut
Strengthens the gut lining and supports the growth of beneficial bacteria, promoting a balanced and healthy digestive system.

Hair, skin, and nails
Natural growth factors and immunoglobulins provide a vital boost to brain function, improving your mood and focus.

Sustained Energy
Get a boost to your metabolism and energy levels and see the effect of increased stamina throughout the day.

Muscle Recovery
Rich in proteins and growth factors, colostrum aids in muscle repair and regeneration, speeding up recovery after workouts.

Rated 5.0 Based on 1k+ reviews

Nature’s First


Rich in antibodies, and packed with vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients, Colostrum provides a totally natural boost to your body, with numerous health benefits.

Grass Fed

Immune Support

Muscle Repair And Growth

Better Gut Health

Free Of Additives

Unflavoured Taste

Rich in Immunoglobulins

50% IgG

Rated 5.0 Based on 1k+ reviews

your Health

Our Promise

Our 30-day money-back guarantee means if you’re not satisfied, we’ll give you a full refund

  • Boost your beauty with strengthened hair and nails
  • Flavorless taste mixes well with any beverage
  • 100% pure grass-fed supplement
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Rated 5.0 Based on 1k+ reviews

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frequently asked questions

Got questions? We’ve got the answers

What is Super Moo and what are its benefits?

Super Moo's Bovine Colostrum is the early milk produced by cows after birth, rich in antibodies, nutrients, and growth factors. Its supplements offer several benefits:

  • Immune Support: Enhances the immune system to help fend off illnesses.
  •  Gut Health: Promotes a healthy gut lining and aids in gastrointestinal issues.
  •  Nutrition: Provides a boost of proteins, vitamins, and minerals.
  •  Athletic Performance: May improve performance and reduce recovery time for athletes.
  •  Anti-Inflammatory: Exhibits anti-inflammatory effects, beneficial for reducing inflammation.

It's beneficial for overall health, though individuals with dairy allergies should consult a healthcare provider before use.

What sets Super Moo apart from other supplements?

Made in the USA: Our products are manufactured in the United States, adhering to strict quality control and manufacturing standards. This ensures that every supplement meets high standards of production and oversight.

3rd Party Tested: To guarantee the utmost quality and purity, our supplements undergo rigorous third-party testing. This independent evaluation confirms that our products are of the highest quality, free from contaminants, and accurately labeled.

These commitments to quality, purity, and manufacturing excellence ensure that all Immerge Health supplements are trustworthy and effective for our customers.

How do I know which Immerge Health supplement is right for me?

Determining the right supplements for you involves considering several factors to ensure they align with your health goals, dietary needs, and medical history. By following recommendations below, you will be able to determine what supplements are right for you:

  •  Identify any nutritional gaps in your diet that supplements could help fill.
  •  Match supplements to your lifestyle habits and health objectives.
  •  Start with one supplement to monitor effects and adjust based on your response.
  •  Consult with a healthcare professional if you happen to be pregnant or nursing.
How often should I take Super Moo supplements?

For the correct dosage and frequency for all Immerge Health supplements, please refer to the information on the back of the supplement package. Each product has specific recommendations to ensure optimal benefits.

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been placed and is out for delivery, we’ll give you a tracking code to see exactly where it is on our Tracking Page.

Rated 5.0 Based on 1k+ reviews

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Ready to see the benefits of adding Super Moo to your daily diet?

  • Natural Beauty Benefits
  • Energy Boost And Muscle Recovery
  • Improves Your Gut Health
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Made In Th USA

30-Days Money Back Guarantee

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Third-party lab tested

Made In The USA

Made In The USA